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Silver Fuzion Reviews

Global Healing Center’s unique process of using the finest quality water and silver available ensures a highly effective and absorbable ultimate micro-particle form of silver. Doctor Developed and Doctor Recommended!

Hematrex Reviews

Hematrex is specially formulated to promote normal venous circulatory health by increasing vein durability, wall strength and elasticity. This promotes normal blood flow and helps keep blood moving through sensitive

Unique B12 Reviews

Methylcobalamin B-12 provides an infusion of B vitamins (B6, B12, and Folic acid) directly into the bloodstream. This vitamin nutritionally supports healthy nervous system and cardiovascular function. What Methylcobalamin B-12

Zeotrex Reviews

Zeotrex is a scientifically formulated supplement that uses the power nano-colloidal zeolites and organic ingredients to safely aid the body in eliminating toxic chemicals and heavy metals. A clean, toxin-free

Zymitol Reviews

Zymitol Reviews

Zymitol is a broad-spectrum systemic enzyme, antioxidant, flavonoid, and organic sulfur formulation designed to ease the symptoms of aging while balancing your body’s normal processes. What Does Zymitol Do? Zymitol

Lithium Orotate Tablets

NCI Advanced Research Dr. Hans Nieper Lithium Orotate Reviews

Lithium orotate is a naturally occurring mineral that can help with depression, bipolar disorder, and mood swings. Lithium Orotate Natural Mineral Salt that helps with Depression & Mood Disorders Lithium

D3 Serum


D3 Serum is a rich, live source of natural vitamin D3 that will provide you with your daily recommended amount of vitamin D. It is free of binders, fillers and

Aquaspirit Reviews

Aquaspirit oxygenates the blood in the face and skin, which in turn energizes the cells and promotes healthier more radiant skin. Aquaspirit provides circulation-stimulating properties, bio-available oxygen and aromatherapuetic nutrients